Power is gained
by sharing knowledge,
not hoarding it

Why complicate things
if you can do it together

We know a lot and we also tell you a lot. But we also understand that not everything is always quite clear. And that you sometimes want to know more.

We love to share our knowledge and therefore we have written a number of whitepapers. These might answer some of your questions. And if not? Just give us a call!

S0L1D Heroes
March 12, 2018 This is how you create the foundation for a High Performing team

High Performing team, this terms is appearing more and more often. The phenomenon has been around a lot longer because a High Performing team actually entails a team that is really effective. A team that is there for each other, through thick and thin. A team that is continuously improving itself.

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S0L1D warning
February 12, 2018 DevOps according to S0L1D Heroes

Before we barge in by telling you what DevOps entails according to S0L1D Heroes, we take you back to the creation of DevOps and the name DevOps. Even most DevOps Engineers or DevOps coaches do not know the original story. But you will after this ;-)

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