DevOps Workshop

DevOps Workshops are really tailor-made. We like to consult with you and together we determine what is desirable for your team.

Our Heroes, for example, can increase the awareness of your team within half a day with an Awareness Workshop. We then tell about DevOps and use the famous sticky notes to let the team members categorise the improvement points in accordance with the CALMS model. We already know in advance which letter will receive the most sticky notes, but after all it is about the awareness of your team!

Or we can get started with Kapla. Yes, that is right! Building things to create awareness. Because how do you turn 2 separate constructions of Kapla into 1 whole? Exactly. That is impossible. This way your team is made aware that cooperation of Dev and Ops is essential from the very first moment. An amalgamation later on is no longer possible, or in any case very inefficient!

We also have great DevOps Workshop available for your organisation. You ask and we will arrange a S0L1D Hero!


Do you need a DevOps Engineer?

Are you facing a challenge in terms of Development or Operations? Or maybe in both fields, or does your challenge have a more cultural nature?
Great! We like to take on this challenge together with you. We can probably help you but we are not sure how yet.

So let us sit down together and have a nice cup of coffee. Then you can give us a clear picture of your situation. After that we will review which of our options are of interest to you!

S0L1D warning
February 12, 2018 DevOps according to S0L1D Heroes

Before we barge in by telling you what DevOps entails according to S0L1D Heroes, we take you back to the creation of DevOps and the name DevOps. Even most DevOps Engineers or DevOps coaches do not know the original story. But you will after this ;-)

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S0L1D Heroes
March 12, 2018 This is how you create the foundation for a High Performing team

High Performing team, this terms is appearing more and more often. The phenomenon has been around a lot longer because a High Performing team actually entails a team that is really effective. A team that is there for each other, through thick and thin. A team that is continuously improving itself.

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