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You enter the office and you are welcomed by the smell of fresh coffee. While some nice music is playing in the background, the team is already focused on the work even this early in the day. The developer is brainstorming with the operations guy and the product owner is talking to the happy customer. A few members are monitoring the dashboards, looking for trends. How is the product performing? Are there any trends to be recognised that could cause problems for the customer?

You see that your team is proud. Proud of what they have built, but also proud because they have really made the customer happy. A team to be proud of: that is also our dream!

Do you want to know how to support your team or organization and take it to the next level?

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Do you need a DevOps Hero?

We assist small and large organisations with all kinds of DevOps related issues. Whether it involves perfecting the existing working method or a challenge in the field of automation: our S0L1D Heroes will help you out. And we do this in our own, successful way.

Our S0L1D Heroes are no fancy guys in a suit. We just come from the shop floor and we are down to earth. And actually that is what we prefer best. With our bottom-up approach we create support with the (future) team, in order to implement sustainable changes.

March 22, 2022 Let go part 2, Creativity, experimentation and entrepreneurship

As a manager, how do you ensure that creativity, experimentation and entrepreneurship are seen as normal within the team and the organization? Exactly, by letting go. But how do you do that, letting it go?

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Leiderschap S0L1D Heroes
November 11, 2021 Let go part 1,
4 concrete steps to show leadership

The manager’s role is changing rapidly. Organizations want to implement a new culture with more entrepreneurship, experiments and ownership. Furthermore, it puts teams at the centre of their organization. This change can ask a lot from the teams and the success lies within the leadership.

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Corporate rebels
October 6, 2021 Summary Corporate Rebels

Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree are two friends who are completely done with the unhappy worklife. They’re done with the slow, political and bureaucratic life within an enterprise. Their gut feeling tells them it could be better. It could be better and with more fun. They decide to give up on their enterprise job and to start doing research in how to increase job satisfaction: within smaller as well as bigger organizations.

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Always looking for new heroes

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Do you share our vision in the field of DevOps? And are you a DevOps specialist? DevOps Engineer?
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