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If you're tired of managers thinking they know better, or thousands of DevOps and Scrum training programmes that all look the same... then you’ve just found the last one you’ll ever need.

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Straight-to-the-point, practical short courses that don’t take months of your time to complete. We like it punchy, and we like it actionable, immediately.

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This isn’t just “theory.” Our course material comes from +/- 15 years of on-the-ground experience in DevOps and Agile coaching and team-leading — including failures, wins, missed opportunities, and collaboration with the best in the industry.

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Available courses, bundles and stand-alone coach call with Peter
Scrum vs Kanban vs Scrumban
The most practical course which explains perfectly what the differences are of the three most used agile frameworks; Scrum Kanban and Scrumban

You'll get:
4 lessons:
- Clear understanding of each framework.
- The roles of each framework
- The DOS and DON'TS of all the roles
- The ceremonies of each framework
- The DOS and DON'TS of all the ceremonies
- The artifacts of each framework
- The DOS and DON'TS of all the artifacts
- The PROS and CONS of each Framework
- Which framework to use in which context

Course value: €495,-
Sells for €275,-
How To Deal With Resistance
This is a must-have course for Scrum masters!
Resistance to change is everywhere, but how you deal with it, will determine if the changer will switch to collaboration.

you'll get:
7 lessons:
- Understanding resistance
- The possible causes
- Theory U
- How to deal with resistance from a PO
- How to deal with resistance from a Manager
- How to deal with resistance from a team
- How to deal with resistance from a team member
- How to deal with resistance from a stakeholder
- Practical tips & Tricks

Course value: €695,-
Sells for €275,-
1-on-1 Coach Call With Peter
Do you want to brainstorm for that specific situation? 

Get your moment with Peter for some extra insights on your challenge.

1 hour coach call: 75,-
Coaching Program: Getting You Landed As A Scrum Master
Are you struggling with getting your first job as a Scrum Master?

Then this coaching program is for you!!

You'll get:
- CV revamp
- Cover letter revamp
- 2x Coaching sessions
- Job interview preparation
- Job interview practicing
- Advice on (additional) certifications and hands-on experience

- Bonus: Ultimate Scrum Master Interview Guide
selling normally for €50,-

Program value: €595,-
Sells for: €375,-

Coaching Program: Your-First-100-Days-As-A-Scrum-Master
Your first 100 days as a Scrum Master are the most important days. It's the moment to set the stage.
This program is designed to make you succeed in your first hundred days.

you'll get:
- Intake
- Plan of Action with measurable goals
- How to deal with resistance course
- Scrum vs Kanban vs Scrumban course
- How to coach course
- How to earn trust
- How to improve Team performance
- Access to private slack community
- Access to cheatsheets
- Q&A via slack
- 2x coach sessions
- 2x mentoring sessions
- 2x Fly-On-The-Wall sessions
- 2x Feedback sessions based on FOTW sessions

Program value: €1795,-
Sells for €1275,-
Ultimate Scrum Master Interview Guide
This 25-page e-book is the ultimate guide for your interview as a Scrum Master.

With efficient tips, examples of questions you can expect, and the appropriate answers to give.

A true must-have for the aspiring Scrum Master